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Jonathan is a freelance Editor working between Los Angeles and London. Educated at The Slade School of Fine Art, London, he subsequently pursued a career as a visual artist, exploring themes of social identity and taste. These very themes form the basis of his editorial interest, reporting on trends across high- and low-culture; specialising in the accessibility of established and emerging contemporary art and design through institutional, commercial and experimental platforms.

His meticulous research style for national and international editorial is reflected in his portfolio of clients. He is the Arts & Culture Editor for New York wanderlust guide Melting Butter and contributes to several online and print publications, reporting on the uptowns and downtowns across America to the historic and sonic streets of Japan - they include diary highlights over Armory Week in New York City for The Luxury Channel; London’s contemporary art scene for London Calling; creative business features for Soho Journal; unearthing alternative travel guides for lifestyle journal Citinerary and covering the burgeoning contemporary art scene in Los Angeles at curate.la

Previously residing in Chicago and New York, he finds inspiration from his American and Italian heritage, laced with his native British sensibility, which contribute to a unique and informative voice on global creative activity.

Jonathan is available for articles and reviews on contemporary art, design, fashion, lifestyle, travel, profile and events – no subject is out of bounds and challenging briefs are very welcome.

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